Un réel pour le XXI sciècle
IX Congresso dell'AMP • 14-18 aprile 2014 • Paris • Palais des Congrès • www.wapol.org

A Missing Airliner
Penny Georgiou

For a moment
Breath is held
PanOpticon enholed
Hubris interrupted

Sightings here
Sightings there
Conjectures everywhere

Missing debris
No 'concrete' evidence
To touch, to stroke, to caress?
Or to photograph, to sonograph, to monograph
To graph, to graft, to grab, onto, too grim,

Too, too much to bear,
for some, who love

No debris harbouring concretion
No Multiple Concretion yet
This Ubiquitous dis-ease
Where Haemopetriglobin doesn't flow

We just don't know, yet.

Penny Georgiou
NLS, London