Un réel pour le XXI sciècle
IX Congresso dell'AMP • 14-18 aprile 2014 • Paris • Palais des Congrès • www.wapol.org

Interest Level: 90% - equals: Very High
Natalie Wülfing

"Previously I knew what I wanted to study. Now that they prove to me it is different, I am not so sure anymore…"

A Missing Airliner
Penny Georgiou

For a moment / Breath is held / PanOpticon enholed / Hubris interrupted.

Art at the time of the Disorder in the Real
Alasdair Duncan

The XXth century idea of the Modern in 'visual' art gave way to the auction house periodization of the Contemporary.

Zero Gravity
Colin Wright

Gravity : we cannot even complain that the world has been turned upside-down.

Tom Harding

Robotherapy offers a universal solution – one algorithm for all.

The time of 24/7 waits for no man
Colin Wright

The time of 24/7 waits for no man.

Flirting with the real
par Lt. Gwenn E. Laine

When embracing a military career, the idea of 'flirting' with the real was at the forefront.

The hum
par Scott Wilson

Intenso fenómeno climático sucedido en varias ciudades americanas La Plata vivía su acontecimiento.